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Shield Cat

Spin your tail and throw your shield as Lance! · By Roxy


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Bringing the Itch version of Shield Cat up to date
Hey there! I'm here today presenting a brand new version of Shield Cat! The SAGE Demo was great, but that version of the game had issues and I decided that the...
4 files
Updated SAGE Demo
Howdy guys! Thanks to a lot of people playing Shield Cat (Thank you!!) and a ton of feedback I got from people, I've made a lot of changes to the demo to fix ma...
4 files
SAGE Final Build (Bug Fixes)
Hey guys! This is not a big update, so there's not a lot to talk about. I just fixed a few bugs, including a game breaking one that's rather important! ===== H...
2 files
SAGE Final Build
Howdy folks! This is the final build I'm creating for SAGE! It features a few bug fixes and improvements over yesterday's build. Unless a major bug is found wit...
2 files
SAGE Demo Preview 2
Howdy guys! Coming at you today with an updated build that I would like to present for SAGE, so please be sure to check it out and see if you find any bugs. I f...
2 files
SAGE Preview Build 1
Howdy guys! Today I'm bringing you a preview build of what I want to put for SAGE for the public demo! If you can, please check it out and let me know if you ca...
2 files
Now Presenting: The Entire Cave Area
The cave area is here and it is complete. There's no avoiding it (especially since the gate key is in there (but you can't actually use it yet so you can still...
2 files
IMPORTANT: The Save Data Location Update
Howdy! Coming at you today with a new build of Shield Cat! This one comes with a lot of features aimed toward making sure you don't accidentally leave a room wh...
2 files
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