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Shield Cat

Spin your tail and throw your shield as Lance! · By Roxy


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Music and Fancy Lance Letters Update! (Revised)
REVISION NOTE A revised version of the build has been published that fixes a critical bug that caused the game to crash when trying to play Cosmic Defender. The...
2 files
Quest for a Bug Free Forest
Hey guys! Today's game update is mainly a bug fix update to address bugs that were found by myself and others after the bug fix update I posted the other day. O...
2 files
Bugs Banished from the Great Forest Update
Howdy! Earlier today I posted a new build. A lot of people tried it out and enjoyed it, and I'm happy! However, I received quite a few bug reports. In additio...
2 files
The Great Forest Update
EDIT: A bug was found when trying to save when no save files are available. The build has been updated to fix this Howdy! A year ago, I published my first buil...
4 files
New Build???
Howdy! Today I'm putting a new build of Shield Cat! It has been a while since I put a new build, so here are the changes! Changed / Added The forest room has...
2 files
Code Optimization and Remappable Controls!
Here's the latest version of Shield Cat! The following has been changed: - Collision engine has been optimized a lot more. I learned about bitwise operations an...
2 files
Demo Build and Purchasing
Howdy! I have posted the demo builds that I had posted to Patreon to, so that people can download them here. Also, people can now purchase the game to s...
2 files
The Collision is there now so no one can have any issues
This isn't that big of an update, but it's still a good update: - Fixed the depth issue with Lance walking above the trees. Sorry my guy, you can't climb trees...
2 files
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