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Shield Cat

Spin your tail and throw your shield as Lance! · By Roxy


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Shield Cat Survey
Hey guys! I've created a survey about the Shield Cat demo! In the survey, I ask about what you like or did not like about the demo, as well as your thoughts on...
Shield Cat Post Demo Thoughts
Howdy! I wanted to take some time to write about the Shield Cat Demo, how it went, what I learned from it, and where the game is going next. This is a long form...
Final Demo Update
Hey guys! Thank you to everyone who tried out the demo! A lot of people really liked it, and I'm glad! Today I'm bringing you the Final Demo Update which adds f...
6 files
031521 Shield Cat Update
Howdy! Coming at you today with some small changes, bug fixes, and QoL improvements to the demo! Here are the changes: ===== IMPROVED ===== Menu navigation has...
6 files
Shield Cat Free Demo!
Shield Cat is an Action Adventure Collectathon game where you spin your tail and go go go! Check it out!!! And be sure to join the Discord and let me know what...
031021 Minor Bug Fixes
Howdy! Bringing a small patch that fixes some bugs! ===== BUG FIXES ===== Fixed a bug where achievement wasn't being given for getting all Cat Coins in the fore...
8 files
030921 Shield Cat
Here we go! The final demo build that I will be presenting in a few days. Unless any major bugs are found, this is it! I wont be adding any new features or anyt...
4 files
030321 Shield Cat
EDIT: A game breaking bug was found with the pause menu and a patch was uploaded to fix this. Please be sure you download 030321r1!! Howdy! Coming at you today...
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1) Please don't be mean to anyone around here

2) Please only talk about Shield Cat. You can go off topic but try not to go too wild with it

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Controllers Added to the Game d62011a7000000000000504944564944 Switch Pro (PowerA version) 7e...
started by Roxy Jul 27, 2019
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Please use the Shield Cat discord to talk about suggestions. Thank you!
started by Roxy Jul 23, 2019
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Please use the Shield Cat discord to talk about bugs. Thank you!
started by Roxy Jun 26, 2019
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To replicate: Go to Red Sphere Room. Go inside the building, holding up on the keyboard. Camera will become stuck until...
started by LunaDook Jul 01, 2019
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