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This is a PROTOTYPE game! This means that many things are unfinished and unimplemented, and the game may not ever see completion! Please keep that in mind before continuing.

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Shield Cat

A patreon supported game being created by RoxyFoxRab!

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What is Shield Cat?

Shield Cat is an Action Adventure game with light RPG elements. You play as Lance, an otter/cat who must go on a quest to rescue his friends and the Cat Kingdom! Along the way you'll solve puzzles, gain new abilities, meet new friends, and collect stuff!


Each area of the game has a large amount of Fish Scales for you to find. You'll also be able to find huge "LANCE" letters, though these will be harder to get. Search everywhere and you may find items and upgrades, too. You'll also be able to find Pretty Petals, which is the currency of the Cat Kingdom. Use these to buy and sell items and abilities at shops.

Customize Lance!

Lance can  spin and throw his shield, and he can upgrade these abilities too! In addition to these, Lance can learn   Passive Abilities. Make Lance spin faster, see more in dark rooms, boost his attack, and more! Each Passive Ability takes from your magic pool though, so you can't use them all at once...

Different Places To Explore!

Your journey in the Cat Kingdom will take you to many places. Climb up the legendary   Mt. Bophades, a dormant volcano where a   mischievous fox has made his den. Or, take   relaxing visit to the Underground Overground, an underground forest with plenty of sunlight (as well as some trouble with a   lizard lady!) When you want to relax, you can  take a ride on the Roo Express, ran by everyone's favorite   deer/kangaroo (who seems  to have gone missing...)

Trouble In The Kingdom!

Lance is a member of the Knights of the Shield Cats, a group of people who protect the Cat Kingdom, ruled by King King Cat The Cat. One day, Lance receives a message from his partner Parker: The Cat Castle has been taken over by Claire, leader of the Shield Cats, and several of his friends are now causing chaos! What terrible things could be at work? Why have Lance's friends decided to turn evil? Not all is what it seems...

How do I download the game?

You can find out how to download and run the game by clicking [here]!

If you are a Patron at $5 US or more, click [here] to download Shield Cat as part of your patronage!

How do I control Lance?

If you're looking for information about how to control the game, please visit [this page]!

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